Astrolokeys are a pastel astrology-themed keycap set designed by cassidoo and sailorhg, featuring stars, moons, constellations, zodiac symbols, and planet symbols! They take inspiration from intersections of magic and technology, including the second paragraph of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Jenny Calendar from Buffy, and Sailor Mercury's magic supercomputer. You can put them on your keyboard to make your desk space super cute and magical!

What kind of keyboards can you put them on? You can use them with any mechanical keyboard with cherry-compatible switches. New to the world of mechanical keyboards? It can be overwhelming to dive in but we're here to guide you through some of your different options in this astrology-themed guide! Here are 12 different mechanical keyboards that we recommend, one for each zodiac sign!

The Signs as
Mechanical Keyboards

♈ Aries ♈

Silver 99-key Kira keyboard with LED underglow

The Kira Stealth gives Aries exactly what she needs from a keyboard: the competitive edge! Outfitted with a silver frame and quiet linear Kaihua Box Red switches, the Kira Stealth will be an ideal companion for all of Aries's computing endeavors, whether she's deep into gaming right now or simply revels in Being Online. Aries loves a good coordinating color palette, so she'll appreciate adding a purple and white Gummy Worms sleeved USB cable to complete the look.

To outfit this board you'll need the Astrolokeys base kit as well as the non-standard icon mods kit!

♉ Taurus ♉

Pink Filco tenkeyless keyboard

How does Taurus keep raising the bar, getting better and better at all she puts her mind to? She expects great things from herself and others. The bar is equally high for her choice of mechanical keyboard. It needs an excellent build quality. It needs to feel just right. Taurus may find herself choosing the Filco Majestouch 2, a TKL keyboard with equal measures of quality and style. Swapping out a few keys with prism artisan keycaps elevates the build to new heights. And that's just where Taurus likes to be.

You can get all the keys featured here with the Astrolokeys base kit!

♊ Gemini ♊

70% split ortholinear keyboard

What keyboard can satisfy Gemini's lively engineering mindset? Her love for tinkering and making magic? Perhaps it's the Viterbi 70% split keyboard. It's ortholinear and composed of two hyper-symmetric halves requiring lots and lots of DIY willpower to build from parts. But Gemini's got it covered. In fact, she'll likely dream up a few super-creative handmade cases to go along with the Viterbi once the build is complete. Pair this board with some stiff and clicky MX green switches, and Gemini's got the perfect keyboard for late nights in the laboratory.

For this board, you'll need the Astrolokeys alpha kit and ortho icons kit. Or alternately, if you want that gemini key, the Astrolokeys base kit and ortho icons kit.

♋ Cancer ♋

Taro full-sized keyboard

The Akko 3108 Taro Purple keyboard is a great match for sweet and caring Cancer. She prefers its full-size layout, featuring function keys and a numpad for productivity that's literally at her fingertips. Cancer will also love this keyboard's Cherry MX Brown switches and their nostalgic thunk that hearkens back to vintage computers. Pair this purple Akko with a simple white desk pad for a sleek look looks right at home in a cozy home office.

All the keys you need for this board are in the Astrolokeys base kit!

♌ Leo ♌

White Ergodox EZ

A casual observer might think that Leo shines like a whimsical rainbow just for the attention. There might be a little truth to that, but look closer and you'll see that she's leading by example: showing you the many the possibilities for an ever-evolving, creative world. Her keyboard of choice is the Ergodox EZ, with its customizable, individually-addressable RGB LEDs and hot-swappable switches. With its unusual form factor, this ergo keyboard absolutely stands out in a crowd. Consider pairing the Ergodox EZ with a custom-sleeved USB cable like this Flamingo pink coiled USB cable from Mechcables.

To outfit the Ergodox with Astrolokeys, grab the alphas kit and ergo icons kit!

♍ Virgo ♍

White Planck EZ

Virgos are known for their ability to create order from chaos, stripping away distractions to uncover delight. The ortholinear Planck EZ embodies her worldview. Its compact, 47-key layout is beautifully efficient, with keys in easy reach to minimize finger travel. The Planck EZ allows users to program and modify each and every key, meaning Virgo can design her own systems with ease. By pairing the Planck EZ with a sleek purple USB cable like this one, she'll be armed to solve the world's problems in no time at all.

All the keys needed for the plank board are included in the Astrolokeys alphas kit and ortho icons kit!

♎ Libra ♎

Iris split ergonomic keyboard

Balance and beauty are integral to all that Libras do, whether in their work or in their relationships with others. So they may find themselves drawn to the Iris split ergonomic keyboard, featuring aesthetic charm in ample quantities. Pairing the Iris PCBs with a milky acrylic case and an RGB LED underglow strip produces a keyboard with a dreamy quality that inspires Libra's tastemaker sensibilities. Add a purple gem artisan keycap for a little extra magic.

The Astrolokeys needed to fill out this board are the alphas kit, the ortho icons kit, (and the 40s icons kit if you want the constellation thumb keys).

♏ Scorpio ♏

Keyblade 40% keyboard

A Scorpio knows that there are many sides to the intensity this sign is known for. Is she feeling passion, a smoky darkness, or something else entirely? No matter the mood, Scorpio always reins it in with a little sly humor. The QLAVIER Keyblade, thrilling with a knowing wink, is her perfect match. The Keyblade has a neat ortholinear key layout and is both easy to hold and fun to brandish as a weapon when absolutely necessary. Keep the Keyblade in its place with a plush desk mat like this one from Mydours.

The Astrolokeys featured on this board are the alphas kit and the ortho icons kit!

♐ Sagittarius ♐

Zlant 40% keyboard

The whimsical Zlant keyboard is the perfect partner in crime for Sagittarius on her many adventures. Its quirky diagonal-offset key layout and diminutive size put it right at home no matter where she roams. At the outdoor cafe? On the train? On top of plush covers while blogging in bed? Absolutely! The Zlant looks picture-perfect with a pink custom-printed case and a charming dessert-inspired mouse pad.

All the keys needed for this board are in the Astrolokeys alphas kit and the ortho icons kit.

♑ Capricorn ♑

CODE white tenkeyless keyboard

The Code keyboard--like Capricorn--does not mess around. This keyboard is beautiful, functional, performant, and built to last through long, late-night coding sessions. It is perhaps a perfect keyboard, and if we're honest, Capricorn doesn't like to bother with anything less when it comes to the tools that help her get her work done. One necessary modification she'll want to make is to replace the escape key with a cute artisan keycap like the Hammer Bubble Cat. Voila: Capricorn's perfect productivity companion!

The Astrolokeys base kit gives you all the keys you need for this keyboard!

♒ Aquarius ♒

Wooden 60% keyboard

Never one to follow the crowd, Aquarius prefers a keyboard that's equal parts stylish and offbeat. So she may be particularly drawn to this KBDfans keyboard housed in walnut wood with matching wrist rest. The vibe of this keyboard is warm and natural yet unexpected enough to turn heads at the office. A custom DSA keycap, like this glittering black resin keycap made by hand, completes the keyboard's extra-spacey, cool vibe. Like Aquarius herself, this final build is one-of-a-kind.

The Astrolokeys base kit includes all the keys needed for this board!

♓ Pisces ♓

Clear Acrylic 60% keyboard

The ideal keyboard for Pisces combines her crafty sensibilities, creativity, and gentle vibes. Enter QLAVIER's transparent acrylic case, which she can assemble with an OK60 60% RGB LED-ready PCB. This DIY keyboard satisfies Pisces's love for building beautiful things. Plus, the LED underglow shining through the layers of acrylic provides an incredibly dreamy feel. For an added dash of 20th century retro-cute, add this Pac-Man resin escape key.

Outfit this board with the Astrolokeys base kit!



keyboard 3d models from ftwelve, ziptyze, mesohuannny, botstyle, AGuyFromOhio, matt3o, and coredump777 using a CC-by-sa license.

header illustration by Mel Stringer

keyboard horoscopes by partytimeHXLNT